Mission Statement

The group “Dynamics of Condensed Systems” studies the dynamics of atomic diffusion processes, the structure of materials on the nanometer scale and the kinetics of structural changes in those materials. The spectrum of the analyzed materials includes natural composites like bone or wood, metal films, metallic glasses, carbon nano phases and inorganic-organic hybrid systems. We employ both computer simulations like Monte Carlo or Reverse Monte Carlo techniques and experimental methods like X-ray diffraction in our research. Measurements are performed both at our own laboratory X-ray source and at large research facilities like ESRF in Grenoble or PETRA III in Hamburg. Often only such large facilities can produce X-ray beams with the required intensity, coherence and brilliance.

More information about the current research done in our group can be found in the research section.

We are always looking for ...

... dedicated students who are interested in a bachelor's or master's thesis.

Please contact either Herwig Peterlik or Bogdan Sepiol if you are interested.

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