Evaluation of the diffuse X-Ray scattering on Alkali-Borate Glasses

Maximilian Penz, Bogdan Sepiol

Ion-conducting materials have been noted for their potential use in electrochemical devices, thus a comprehensive investigation into their structure is necessary.Within this thesis the results of a series of total scattering experiments, conducted on alkali-borate glasses, is examined and evaluated in order to give insight into the amorphous structure of the samples.

Being the main focus of this work, Borate glasses doped with various concentrations of alkali-oxides, from lithium to caesium, are examined, though additionally the scattered spectra of speciffc vanadium-phosphate and lead-silicate glasses are also presented.

Within the first chapter the theoretical background of amorphous structures is
explained, as well as the X-ray diffraction theory essential to understand these

The complete experimental set-up and measurement process is explained in the second chapter, as well as the sample and data preparation, evaluation and data-processing necessary for further analysis. Finally the results are shown in the third chapter and are compared to Monte-Carlo computer simulations of the respective samples. In the end alternative approaches for the data-analysis that may lead to possible improvements are qualitatively examined as well.

Dynamics of Condensed Systems
Publication date
Austrian Fields of Science 2012
103018 Materials physics, 103009 Solid state physics, 103015 Condensed matter
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