Gero Vogl: A travel guide to the world of diffusion phenomena


Gero Vogl’s new book “Adventure Diffusion” takes the reader on a journey through the exciting world of diffusion in and outside of physics. In easily understandable terms, the physical background to diffusion is explained before looking at “interdisciplinary diffusion”: the appearance of diffusion phenomena in other areas

Diffusion in this case is not limited to the spread of particles as in physics, but generally means the spread of various things. Gero Vogl gives an overview of the exciting diversity of diffusion processes and their consequences by means of examples from his own research (e.g. on the spread of languages ​​or invasive plants) and studies by other scientists. The spread of the plague is described as well as the spread of

of ideas. In addition, historical questions (how did agriculture spread in Europe?) are treated.

The book “Adventure Diffusion. From Meandering Molecules to the Spreading of Plants, Humans, and Ideas” has just been published by Springer.