Diffusion studies: from quasielastic Mössbauer spectroscopy to modern synchrotron techniques

AbstraktOne of the oldest methods used in the study of diffusion is the quasielastic Mössbauer spectroscopy. A number of intermetallic phases like iron-aluminides and iron-silicides have been characterised by this table top technique. With the advent of highly coherent synchrotron radiation in the last two decades, Mössbauer spectroscopy could be extended to the nuclear forward scattering and resonant reflectivity techniques in the bulk and in isotopic multilayer samples [2]. Finally, the availability of coherent X-rays in the last decade opened the possibility for photon correlation spectroscopy studies of diffusion. The potential of each of these methods will be illustrated using Fe-Al as a model system. I will give my opinion on the future of atomic diffusion measurements in condensed matter, especially with the advent of still more powerful sources of radiation like ERL/USRs or XFEL on the horizon.
NameSepiol, Bogdan
RolleInvited speaker
VeranstaltungICAME 2013
Art der VeranstaltungKonferenz
Keywords:103009 Festkörperphysik, 103034 Teilchenphysik
Keywords:1208 Elementarteilchenphysik, 1210 Festkörperphysik