Chemical ordering beyond the superstructure in long-range ordered systems

Autoren:Stana, Markus; Sepiol, Bogdan; Kozubski, Rafal (Jagiellonian University in Krakow); Leitner, Michael (Technische Universität München)
Abstrakt:To describe chemical ordering in solid solutions systems Warren-Cowley short-range parameters are ordinarily used. However, they are not directly suited for application to long-range ordered systems, as they do not converge to zero for large separations. It is the aim of this paper to generalize the theory to long-range ordered systems and quantitatively discuss chemical short-range order beyond the superstructure arrangements. This is demonstrated on the example of a non-stoichiometric B2-ordered intermetallic alloy. Parameters of interatomic potentials are taken from an embedded atom method (EAM) calculations and the degree of order is simulated by the Monte Carlo method. Both on-lattice and off-lattice methods, where the latter allows individual atoms to deviate from their regular lattice sites, were used, and the resulting effects are discussed.
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Journaltitel:New Journal of Physics
Peer reviewed:true
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