Study of atomic motion in rubidium borate glasses

Autoren:Tietz, Christoph; Holzweber, Katharina; Ross, Manuel; Stana, Markus; Sepiol, Bogdan
Abstrakt:Atomic Scale X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy (aXPCS) utilizes coherentX-rays to probe the dynamics of materials on an atomic scale. Itwas used with great success to study atomic diffusion in crystals [1], butits application was recently extended to glasses as well [2]. Rubidiumborate glasses serve as an example for fast ion-conducting alkali borateglasses and are a promising candidate for future applications in energystorage as well as in many other fields. In this work the ionic motion inrubidium borate glasses was studied via the aXPCS method.Correct data analysis of an aXPCS measurement of amorphous materialsrequires the knowledge of the partial structure function of thediffusing atomic species, i.e. in this case the alkali ions. We used thepair distribution function (PDF) method to investigate the structureof rubidium borate glasses and Metropolis Monte Carlo simulationto extract the required partial structure factor. The parameters of aBorn-Mayer-Huggins potential used by Verhoef and den Hartog [3] forstructural simulations of alkali borate glasses were modified to fit theexperimental scattering data.This work was financially supported by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF)P28232.
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