Variation of the crosslinking density in cluster-reinforced polymers

Autoren:Kreutzer, Johannes (Technische Universität Wien); Qin, Xiao-Hua (Technische Universität Wien); Gorsche, Christian (Technische Universität Wien); Peterlik, Herwig; Liska, Robert (Technische Universität Wien); Schubert, Ulrich (Technische Universität Wien)
Abstrakt:Inorganic-organic hybrid materials were prepared by free radical polymerization of the clusters Zr4O2(methacrylate)12 or Zr4O2(methacrylate)12-x(pivalate)x and 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate. Increasing either the proportion of Zr4O2(methacrylate)12 or varying the number of methacrylate ligands in Zr4O2(methacrylate)12-x(pivalate)x allowed to distinguish between filler and crosslinking effects on the polymer properties. The induction period of photopolymerization, storage and loss modulus, swellability and glass transition temperature depended on the crosslinking ability of the clusters, while onset of the thermal degradation and char formation were traced back to filler effects, i.e. the cluster proportion in the polymer. Small angle X-ray scattering experiments showed that the clusters are homogeneously distributed in the polymer when the proportion of Zr4O2(methacrylate)12 was varied. The clusters increasingly agglomerated, however, when the number of polymerizable ligands per cluster was decreased at constant cluster loading.
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Journaltitel:Materials Today Communications
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